Protect and Grow Your Money in an Economy Hostile to Investors

Happy retireesCapitalism built an empire that is the envy of the world – America. However, today, entrepreneurs and investors, whom make an economy thrive and prosper, seem to have become the nemesis. With the battle cry of “The One Percenters,” legislation, executive orders and the overall attitude is, you don’t deserve it, so we’re going to take it. How does one protect hard-earned income when the government is bent on ensuring they rob Peter to give it to Paul?

How do you ensure your investment will not be taxed to levels that make investing and building commerce a venture of futility? Furthermore, in a highly volatile, litigious society, where being sued seems to be the rule and not the exception; how do you prevent losing your portfolio?

The Future of Your money

The Future of Your Wealth

Matthew Shafer, National Association of Board Certified Advisory Practices “Premier Advisor,” and one of the top 1,000 financial advisors in America, according to Barron’s Magazine (2009), knows how and shares this information, in his new book, The Future of Your Wealth

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Ron Insana, CNBC Contributor“F. Scott Fitzgerald once wrote, ‘Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me.’ While those differences have been pointed up, of late, it is quite true in many ways that Fitzgerald never described, particularly today. While often vilified, most wealthy folks worked hard for their money and require constant care and guidance in preserving and passing on the fruit of their labors. Matthew Shafer offers just that in a clear and concise new book, The Future of Your Wealth. Building on years of experience as an investment advisor, Shafer offers valuable insights to those who, despite notions to the contrary, need advice just as badly as any of us, even if they are different from you and me.”

Ron Insana – CNBC Contributor

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